Kate Atkinson

Beginners, womens training, trail running

My name’s Kate and I’m a distance runner and coach. My interest in running started when I started studying. I love studying! I’ve completed an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Myotherapy) RMIT, Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management VU, Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer), Level 2 Recreational Running Coaching, Functional Movement Systems Level 1 & 2, and many short courses. I have an interest in injury management (working with allied health practitioners), strength training, beginner runners and female health & fitness. 

My own running began later in life because I thought I “couldn’t” run due to asthma. I changed my way of thinking and ran my first marathon at age 40. Now I’ve run 25 marathons or ultra-marathons. I enjoy a mixture of road and trail running. My most memorable events include: Two Bays 28km & 56km, Marysville Marathon, Queenstown Marathon, Melbourne Marathon, Two Oceans 56km and Comrades 87km in South Africa. 

I've overcome health issues and injuries including hip surgery in 2015. I run for physical and mental health, a sense of freedom, connection and achievement. My long term goal is to be running long term! I also run to raise awareness and funds for people or charities in need. I’m grateful running gives me an opportunity to give back. As a running coach, I hope to share the gift of running with others.

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