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Please use an official Stack Overflow client to edit your posts. I've tried to experiment with various columns of the database such as tag_count, answer_count, and upvotes_count in order to find any patterns or any significance, but so far without success. As a note, I am new to Stack Exchange Data Science but have some experience with Python, Numpy, Pandas, and R. A: This is very unlikely to be a bug, it is more likely due to limited data. The number of answers you have has a clear upper limit which is smaller than what you get when going over the whole dataset. This is actually not the same thing as being an "edge case" that can only occur in a particular case and then never again. This is one data point that will never again occur in the dataset. We do not like "edge cases" in our database and they should never occur again. In fact, there are many edge cases (eg. 4 upvotes for no answer, 5 for no answer and 3 for an answer) that will only be visible when you filter based on the tag or by the author, which means the specific case will not occur again. Adult height in patients with short stature due to Barraquer-Simons syndrome. Barraquer-Simons syndrome (BSS) is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by skeletal dysplasia and distinctive facial features. In this study, we examined height in patients with BSS, as well as their parents. We retrospectively reviewed medical records of patients with BSS. We also investigated the heights of patients' parents. The heights of 11 patients and their 11 parents were analyzed. Height of the patients ranged from 152 to 174 cm (152.1 ± 8.4 cm). Height of the parents ranged from 160 to 173 cm (161.7 ± 7.4 cm). The heights of BSS patients did not differ from those of their parents (p = 0.301, p = 0.452). All children were small for their age (z score, -2.4; -0.3- -3.2), and the parents were small for their age (z score, -2.1; -1.8- -2.3). A significant association was found between female patients and height z scores (p = 0.004). There were no significant differences in height between males and females. Most of the patients in this study




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HD Online Player (ten Commandments Movie Mp4 Download) pattberw
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