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Simone Brick

Trail & Road Running Coach

Simone started running in 2015 at the age of 20 as a way to regain physical and mental health after long and hard battles with both throughout her early life. Starting out simply trying to break 30 minutes for 5km and soon after naively training for her first marathon in late 2015, she has since fallen in love with every aspect of the sport.


Through hard work and stubborn persistence Simone’s journey since starting with her own coach in early 2017 has seen her compete in everything from the 3000m Steeplechase at the 2019 Australian National Championships, to becoming the 2018/2019 Australian Mountain Running Champion and traveling the world to compete in international Mountain Running events.


Simone’s passion now lies mostly in trail and mountain running, the hillier and longer the better, but she will always keep the track and road as vital parts of her journey towards reaching her own potential. She loves the journey and lifestyle that comes with running, and that the highs and lows can teach us so much about many other sides of life.


Outside of running Simone is also a student at The University of Melbourne where she studies Bio-medicine and works as a Personal Trainer for athletes from beginners to elite. She loves passing on her knowledge as a coach in the areas of strength and conditioning, running and nutrition, and watching people smash their own glass ceilings as she believes everyone’s potential lies way beyond where their minds would currently have them believe.

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Simone has her own page with extensive options on her coaching, recovery sessions, access to podcasts she has been featured on and other great content  Simone is great athlete, coach and overall human being.

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