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Tim Logan

Track, road, middle distance

Hailing from Diamond Valley in Melbourne, Tim (aged 25) has carved out an impressive running career under the tutelage of Olympic and Paralympic coach Philo Saunders. Tim’s first taste of running, however, came through the club system with guidance from local coach Max Balchin. For Tim, these formative years ignited a passion for all levels of running from the elites to beginners, with his personal favourite being parkrun. This enthusiasm for running has led to another passion: to help others realise their running potential.

Tim’s running expertise stems from a variety of sources, but particularly his own personal experiences in the running world. He has run 1500m in 3:47, 5000m in 14:03, 10km in 29:48, and the Half-Marathon in 66:00, whilst also placing in the top-10 over 5000m and Half-Marathon at the national level. Notably, Tim has also travelled overseas for running with training camps at altitude in Flagstaff, Arizona and a heat camp in Barcelona, Spain. His international running experience has so far come as the primary guide-runner for Paralympian Jaryd Clifford, which led to a 5000m world title in 2019.

Tim is the kind of person that will do everything to help you achieve your running goals. He’s a true team player and coaches in a manner whereby if you run well, he runs well too.

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